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Hardik ने अपनी इस बेहद करीबी से किया था Century का वादा, Jadeja की एक चूक ने तोड़ दिया दिल !!
Jun 19, 2017
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Soon After India Lost To Pakistan In Champions Trophy, Hardik Pandya Posted A Controversial Tweet And Then Deleted It
At one point, there was a goof up between Jadeja and Pandya, as a result of which Pandya was run out. He was visibly disgusted with Jadeja, who also perished after a few overs.
The course of the match could have changed had Pandya stayed on for a few more overs. But that didn't happen, largely due to Jadeja's mistake.
Pandya then took to Twitter to post something highly controversial. Although he deleted the tweet later, it caught everyone's eye and went viral on the Internet.
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