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Champions Trophy : जब धोनी की वजह से टीम इंडिया पर लगी 5 रनों की पेनल्टी
Jun 16, 2017
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Team India scored a penalty of 5 runs against Bangladesh, and it was because of wicketkeeper MS Dhoni. In fact, MS Dhoni threw a throw and touched his keying gloves on the ball, which led to a penalty of 5 runs on Team India. In the 40th over of Bangladesh's innings, Mahmudullah swept the third ball of Ravichandran Ashwin in the 40th over and took 1 for a long leg. Yuvraj threw the ball during the run and a glove of Dhoni fell on the ground while hitting the ball. When Dhoni tried to hit the ball back on the stumps, he got into his gloves. For this reason, Bangladesh got 5 penalty runs According to the ICC rules, if the player is not wearing helmets, gloves, hats or pads, and the ball goes to him on the field, then the team that batsmen gets 5 penalty runs.

If a fielder touches the ball on the ground without permission of the umpire, then the opposing team gets a penalty. Apart from this, if the umpire thinks that fielding team deliberately spoiled the ball. The fielding team deliberately forgets the batsman's attention. In this case fielder is given a warning as well as a penalty run to the opposition team. If the fielding team deliberately spoils the pitch, despite the warning, the bats deliberately spoil the time, after two warnings, the batsmen also damage the pitch and if the batsman on the other end disturbs a fielder, especially when he Even if you are catching, there is a provision of penalty runs.